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Hobbywing EZRUN WP SC8 T Plug 120A Waterproof Speed Controller Brushless ESC for RC Car Crawler Truck EZRUN-WP-SC8-T


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Hobbywing EZRUN WP SC8 T Plug 120A Waterproof Speed Controller Brushless ESC for RC Car Crawler Truck EZRUN-WP-SC8-T


1.1 Output capability:
          EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC: Con. current 120A, instantaneous current 760A;
1.2 Power input:
         EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC: Section 6-12 NiMH / NiCd battery pack or 2-4S Lipo ; * Note 1
1.3 BEC output:
         EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC: 6V / 3A (switch mode regulator Switching Mode);
1.4 Resistance:
        EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC: 0.0004 ohms;
1.5 Support Motor type: Brushless sensorless (also supports felt no sense of the brushless motor running mode);
1.6 Number of support motor T:
         EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC:
            Section 2 lithium or 6 NiMH: KV≤6000;
            Section 3 lithium or 7-9 NiMH: KV≤4000;
            Section 4 Section 10-12 lithium or NiMH: KV≤3000;
1.7 Applicable models:
         EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC: 1/8 and 1/10 of the proportion of the short card / cross country / Bigfoot;
1.8 Dimensions: 53.5mm (length) * 36mm (width) * 36mm (height);
1.9 Weight:   98g
Note 1:
EZRUN-WP-SC8 fan built by the ESC BEC power supply, rather than directly to take power from the battery pack.
Features :


1 integrated design, especially for short-haul trucks and off-road vehicles;
2 EZRUN-WP-SC8 ESC built-in switch mode regulator (Switching Mode) BEC, with a strong current output capacity, and without even working on plug-UBEC 4S lithium time;
3 The main electronic components tightly sealed, splash water proof dust. The bottom surface of mounting holes for fixed to the frame;
4 The new program algorithm has excellent effects start (start acceleration 9 kinds), and the acceleration throttle linearity;
5 rich parameter options for a variety of chassis, tires and venues;
6 with an electronic brake function, and compatible with traditional mechanical disc brake system;
7 Multiple protection features: low battery voltage protection, over temperature protection, throttle control protection, stall protection;
8 software into the angle adjustment and angle adjustment into the traditional way (rotating motor cover to change the relative
position of the sensor) having the same effect, the method is more simple and more delicate, no risk of damage to the motor or ESC;
9 Speed programmed, there is a single bond and factory reset function;
10 supports a variety of parameter setting mode: ESC key, the ESC program card, 2-in-1 multi-functional professional programming box, PC special program;

11 can be used on professional programming box USB interface power transfer firmware upgrade online