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Hobbywing RC Toy Part External UBEC-3A Output 5V / 6V Switchable for RC Car


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Hobbywing  RC Toy Part External UBEC-3A Output  5V / 6V Switchable for RC Car 


Name: Hobbywing 3A-UBEC

Features :

5V / 6V Output Swithchable 

Reverse polarity protection

LED operation indicator

Full magnetic shielding + output line effectively eliminate electromagnetic interference



1.1 Output : 5V @3A Or 6V @3A (Can be selected via jumper)

1.2 Power input :5.5-26V (2-6 lithium battery pack or 5-18 NiMH / NiCd battery pack)

1.3 Size : 43mm*17mm*7mm 

1.4 Weight : 11g

1.5 Ripple : Less than 50mVp-p(@2A/12V)


Product Features:


2.1  Switching power supply design, the main chip with over-current and over-temperature protection, the chip efficiency up to 92%

2.2  Small volume, light weight

2.3  Electronics are protected by the shield, the output line is equipped with a magnetic ring, which greatly reduces electromagnetic interference, to ensure the normal operation of receivers

2.4  Having the power to prevent reverse polarity protection, if you accidentally reverse power UBEC will not cause damage;

2.5  LED light-emitting diode having a working status indicator lights up when the output is normal

2.6  Advantages compared with traditional BEC: BEC mode switching power supply and the use of a linear regulator BEC compared advantage is mainly reflected in: When using three (11.1V) than lithium batteries, BEC can greatly reduce heat and improve overall effectiveness