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Hobbywing SkyWalker 60A UBEC 2-6S Lipo BEC Brushless ESC for RC Toy Drone FPV Heli Aircraft


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Hobbywing SkyWalker 60A UBEC 2-6S Brussless ESC for RC Toy Drone Heli Aircraft


Please Note

 This ESC Not include Banana Plug


Name : Hobbywing SkyWalker 60A UBEC Brushless ESC


Specification :


1.1 Output : Con.Current : 60A ; Instant Current : 80A ( Less 10s )

1.2 Input : 2-6S Lipo Or 5-118S NiMH 

1.3 BEC : 5V @ 5A (Built-in switch mode BEC Regulators)

1.4 Refresh Rate : 50 Hz - 432 Hz

1.5 Max Speed :210000 2-pole motor rev / min ; 70000 6-pole motor rev / min ; 35000 12-pole motor rev / min 

Size : 77 x 35 x 14 mm

Weight : 63g



Features :


2.1 Security power function: When the power is turned on, regardless of the throttle stick at any position will not start the motor immediately to prevent personal injury;

2.2 Throttle range calibrated function: to adapt the throttle differences between different stroke, improve the linearity of throttle response;

2.3 Programmed project (available throttle stick or card LED parameter settings) ;

1) Brake setting: No brake / with brake;

2) Battery type: Lithium battery / NiMH;

3) Low Voltage Protection Mode: Soft Shutdown / hard off;

4) Restore factory defaults;   

5)Timing: low / medium / high;

6)start mode: Normal  / Soft / Super-soft and start;Low Voltage Protection Threshold: low / medium / high;


1)remote signal loss protection: remote control signal is lost for 1 second to reduce the power, and then have two seconds to turn off without the remote control signal output     

2)Overheat protection: built-in temperature detection circuit that automatically reduces the output power ESC temperature is too high;     

3)Overvoltage Protection: input voltage exceeds the input range are not allowed to start, automatic protection, also issued a hasty "beep" warning tone;Undervoltage protection: it is programmed by the user when the battery voltage is below the protection threshold, ESC automatically reduces the output power;