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Hobbywing XRotor Lipo 3-4S Long wire 20A Brushless ESC No BEC high refresh rate for Multi-axle aircraft copters


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Hobbywing XRotor Lipo 3-4S  20A  Brushless ESC No BEC high refresh rate for Multi-axle aircraft copters




Newest Hobbywing  APAC  Version  Brushless ESC , Perfectly Compatible Flight control and Motor


APAC means Asia-Pacifintegrated circuit Version,the offintegrated circuitial ESC sold in Asia-Pacifintegrated circuit areas.



Brand name: Hobbywing


Lipo battery:3-4S 20A ESC  



Package inlucde:1 * Hobbywing  X-Rotor ESC 



1.1  Rotor dedicated program, fast throttle response, beyond the various types of open source software; 

1.2 Specifically optimized firmware disc motor, the motor has a very good compatibility;

1.3 Highly intelligent, adaptive ability, extremely easy to use;

1.4 Throttle signal line is a twisted pair, copper wire to reduce crosstalk signal generated within the transmission, so that more stable flight;

1.5 Supports up to 621Hz refresh rates up to the throttle signal, compatible with a variety of flight control (Note: More than 500Hz signal of the throttle throttle are all non-standard signal)

1.6 Use MOSFET special driver chip, performance and stability far beyond the driving circuit with discrete components built

1.7 Ultra-low resistance MOSFET, strong resistance to current capacity;

1.8 Exquisite plastic case back with high brightness LED navigation lights

1.9 Power transfer comes on the back of the micro DIP switch for setting LED navigation lights on / off, LED light color, into the steering angle and the motor.