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iFlight Defender-25 Replacements F7 AIO with OSD 25.5*25.5mm Mounting Holes 1404 4150KV 4S with 1.5mm Shaft Brushless Motors


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iFlight Defender-25 F7 AIO with 25.5*25.5mm Mounting holes for FPV parts


This is new generation F7 AIO designed for Defender-25. A future proof all-in-one FC to step up the game and make some more room for future flight firmware development like Betaflight, Emuflight etc. Lightweight, minimum size, minimum work. Solder your motor wires on and let's go! 


1. This AIO without OSD Chip, it made for Defender-25 HD VTX only.

2. Bigger size than the BLITZ Whoop BGA F7 AIO.


Pass-through For DJI O3 and Caddx Vista/Polar Connector

MCU: STM32F745, 216MHz

Gyro: ICM42688P


Blackbox: 32MB Onboard Flash

Gyro: DPS310

Weight: 12.8g±0.2g 

FC Specifications

MCU: STM32F745

Gyro: ICM42688P

Blackbox: 32MB Onboard Flash

BEC output: 5V 2.5A 

WS2812 LED Strip: Yes

Buzzer: Yes

Barometer: DPS310

Connector: SH1.0 to Type-C adapter

OSD: N/A (HD VTX version)


Mounting pattern: 25.5*25.5mm φ3mm

Dimensions: 32.5*32.5mm

Input voltage: 2-6S, support LIHV battery

Smartaudio / IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported

ESC Specifications


Driver: FD6288

Input voltage: 2-6S Support LIHV battery

Output current: 20A, peak value 30A (10 seconds)

ESC firmware: IFLIGHT_BLITZ_G071_01

Current sensor: ratio 200 (1/10mV/A)


                                                                                                                                  ESC Telemetry: Yes(PCB routed, set UART6 for telemetry)

Bidirectional DShot: Yes

 Supports DShot DShot150/300/600/MultiShot/ OneShot etc.

Package included

1 x Defender-25 BLITZ F7 AIO

2 x Capacitor 470uF/35V (Onboard)

1 x XT30U Male 18AWG cable 70mm

1 x 1.0-7P cable 50mm-28mm

1 x 1.0-7P cable 50mm

4 x M2 silicon grommets

8 x M2*12mm screws

8 x M2 Transpare nt Nylon Nut

10 x 0.8mm black Heat shrink tube 10m


The new Defender-25 Motor designed for ultralight build, that micro drone change FPV in nowadays. Sub 250grams Defender 25 builds like these just got much nicer since we got the newest generation whoop style all in one (AIO) with iflight new Defender 25 frame you can build the ultralight micro drone.



Model: Defender 25 Motor

KV: 4150kV

Weight(included wire): 8g±0.5g

Dimension: φ17.7*12.5mm

Interphase Resistance:  0.188Ω

Input Volts: 4S

Peak Current: 12.03A

Max Watt: 200.8W

Mounting Holes: 3 x 9*9 φ2mm (3 mounting holes)

Rotor Specifications:  Segmented bell

Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm

Shaft Protruding Length: 1.8mm±0.2mm

Lead: 65mm/26AWG

Magnet: N52H Curved

Configuration: 9N12P

Bearing Type: NMB

Bearing Specification: φ5*φ2*2.5

Winding: Single Strand copper winding

Package includes:

1 x Defender-25 1404 Motor

4 x M2x5 mounting screws

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