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JMT Pitot Tube Airspeed meter Airspeed Sensor+PX4 Differential Airspeed Pitot Tube for Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller


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PX4 Differential Airspeed Pitot Tube + Pitot Tube Airspeedometer Airspeed Sensor for Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller

2 Types optional, Please choose the one you request: (Effective pictures only, Product do not include the PIXHAWK Flight Controller!)


PITOT Tube Airspeedomoter

Package includes:
- Airspeed module x 1
- cable x 1

Differential Airspeed Pitot Tube + Airspeed Sensor

Package includes:
- Airspeed module x 1
- Pitot tube x 1
- Sillicone tube x 1
- 4 pin cable x 1

Pixhawk PX4 Differential Pitot Tube Pitot Tube PITOT Digital Airspeed Meter

- The modified version of airspeed head adopts digital differential pressure sensor, I2C communication, suitable for PIXHAWK, adoting PX4 original firmware
- Different from analog differential voltage sensor ,do not compatible for APM firmware, APM is not universal.
plz notice before place the order. 

Cable definition: