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QWinOut L10 V6 10'' 420mm Wheelbase Super Long Range HD True-X Carbon Frame Kit Comaptible with O3 Air Unit RC Drone


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XL10 V6 10 inch frame kit is compatible for D JI O3 Air Unit system and Caddx Digital FPV system.

The main advantages of the XL series V6 are in the flight performance, and the stronger and thick arms. The XL series V6 frames fly balanced because of the true X configuration and wide stance. These main changings make flight stable in the air.



1.Comaptible with DJI O3 Air Unit/ CADDX Vista/BLITZ Whoop 1.6W VTX;

2. Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe,the material is light and strong,hardness and toughness;

3.Popular True-X configuration,the flight is flexible and durable;

4.The Max. payload can achieve 1.5-2.5kg using iflight Xing2 3110 motor;

5.Can be Equipped with Gopro5/6/7/8/9/10/11,DJI Action,Sony ZV E10 camera;

6.7MM arm,the drone is more stable and tough;

7.360° TPU protection and Antenna mounts;



Model: XL10 V6

Product Name:420mm Wheelbase 10 inch Frame Kit

Wheelbase: 420mm

Frame Dimension:297x297x35mm( LxWxH)

Arm Thickness: 7mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm

Top Plate Thickness: 3mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 3mm

Motor Mounting:16x16mm/19x19mm

VTX Mounting:20*20 Φ2mm/ 25.5*25.5 Φ2mm/ 30.5*30.5 Φ3mm

Weight: 345±5 grams


Packing List:

1x XL10 V6 Frame

1x Screw Bag

1x Battery anti-slip mat

2x Battery straps (the color will be shipped randomly)











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