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QWinOut PDB Power Distribution Board BEC-5V/12V 3A &Signal Loss Alarm Quadcopter Finder with 2-6S Lipo Low Voltage Buzzer


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QWinOut PDB Power Distribution Board  BEC-5V/12V 3A &Signal Loss Alarm Quadcopter Finder with 2-6S Lipo Low Voltage Buzzer

Observing this integrated distributor plate, BEC-5V / 3A, LED lighting control, tracking, low voltage alarm;

Especially for multi-axis / crossing the machine, and now a lot of multi-axis with the power transfer without BEC, this 5in1 integrated BEC 5V, can be directly connected to the receiver or the flight control, simplify wiring;
With 5V LED lighting control, with long light, slow blink, flash, three states can be remote lever switch freely;
Tracking, remote control lever trigger beeps and LED blinks, easy look for an opportunity;
Low voltage alarm, there is 3.4V, 3.5V, 3.6V cut-off voltage option;
Five functional integration, small size, light weight
Operating voltage range: 7 ~ 26V DC, 2 ~ 6Cells LiPo
Size and Weight: 36x36x6mm, 6.5g
Installation pitch 30.5mm, aperture 3mm, with fly Naze32, CC3D and other controlled pitch.
F1. Distributor plate
Two elongated pad on the back of the board, while positive, while negative, the welding time to reconcile the main power line, a positive line welded together, the negative wire welded together, you can heap some of the solder, has the best flow capacity.
When using sub-plate pad, the board has been able to work properly, the back pad B is not required to pick up.
Input voltage 7 ~ 26V, 2 ~ 6S LiPo battery
Output fixed 5V, the maximum sustainable 3A
Synchronous-rectified buck, maximum efficiency of 95%
3pin pin when connected to the receiver, has brought the BEC-5V power, no need to take additional BEC pad.
F3. LED control
8 pairs of LED pads, connected to the LED status agreement;
Only use a 5V LED light board, available separately Our RGB LED 5V 7-color light board;
Having a third gear switch Aux channel, the channel midpoint (value 1400 to 1600) is closed, the channel value from 1700 to 2000 as the open LED lights;
LED three states: long bright, slow flash (1Hz), flash (3Hz)
Switching state Method 1: first toggle lever open LED, in the 0.5s fast cut back in the point, and then cut to open, hear a buzzing sound, can change a state.
Switching state Method 2: When the receiver is not connected, you can press the button to switch the LED light strip state.
F4. Tracker
LED lighting control and share a three-position switch Aux channel, the channel midpoint (value 1400 to 1600) is closed;
Channel value from 1000 to 1300 to trigger buzzer and LED lights, open, buzzer sustained rapid beeps (2Hz), LED continuous flash (2Hz), easy to look for an opportunity;
You can set forward and reverse channels, change the trigger lever or down inside track in the remote control.
F5. Low voltage alarm
Monitor 2 ~ 6S LiPo using real-time total voltage, voltage cut-off value can be set range: 3.4V ~ 3.6V / Cell, you can turn off this feature.
When the access LiPo battery, if the total voltage of the battery pack in the following ranges, 5in1 will automatically determine the number of battery cells, will triple uttered "Be", the cut-off voltage value saved before the red LED will indicate.
When the access LiPo battery, if the voltage of the battery pack is not in the following ranges, 5in1 buzzer will prompt a short tone +1 long beep, and three red LED full off, check the battery voltage is too low not fit to continue use.
7.4~8.6V: 2cells LiPo
11.1~12.9V: 3cells LiPo
14.8~17.2V: 4cells LiPo
18.5~21.5V: 5cells LiPo
22.2~25.8V: 6cells LiPo
Press the button for 3 seconds to enter the cut-off voltage value, press the button to select the appropriate cut-off voltage values (red LED indicator) in the 3.4 ~ 3.6V, no key action within 5 seconds, automatically save the current values and exit;
LiPo battery in the discharge process, real-time monitoring will triple the total voltage of the battery pack. If the total voltage below the "cut-off value × number of units" will trigger an alarm, external LED lights flashing, continuous beep (1Hz)
If the total voltage to rise above the "cut-off value × number of units" alarm pause.
Reaching a low voltage alarm thresholds, the buzzer and LED alarm status takes precedence over the state of F3 & F4