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HOYMK Q00132 PCB Dedicated with Pins SSR-D3808HK 8A DC-AC Solid State Relay SSR D3808HK


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PCB Dedicated with Pins Hoymk SSR-D3808HK 8A DC-AC Phase Solid State Relay SSR D3808HK
Product Features: 
1, input and output between the heat sink isolation voltage withstand 1500VAC;
2, built-in RC snubber circuit;
3, equipped with security seal;
4, Build-out an external potentiometer output voltage regulation, simplification;
5, thyristor phase-shifted output adjust range;
6, 100% load current aging tests, through the European Union CE certification, the international ISO9000 certification, the 3C certification
Control: DC Control AC
Load Voltage :24-380VAC
Control Voltage 3-32VDC
Current DC:3-25mA
-State Leakage Current: 2mA
-State Pressure 1.5VAC
Off Time 10mS
Dielectric Withstand Voltage :1500VAC
Insulation Resistance: 500M /500VDC
Working Temperature:-25 -+ 70
Original Box: Yes
Color: As Picture
Safety Precautions : 
  1 , Must be Used when the load current is higher than 10A is mounted on a heat sink or metal base plate with the corresponding cooling effect , and coated with thermal grease between the SSR Heat bottom mounting surface , 40A above plus fan forced cooling or water .
  2 , Using the AC inductive load , high transient voltages and inrush current is applied to the output, which may cause the solid state relay conduction or damaged, usually require access at the output voltage with a specific clamping voltage control devices, such as double Zener diode or varistor (MOV). Rated voltage varistor is recommended to take a 1.6-1.9 times ;
  3, The control close to the minimum load current is small current load shall load a dummy load resistor in parallel to reduce the leakage current compared to the output of the load high residual voltage.
  4, In order to avoid the temperature exceeds the allowable value of solid-state relays , considering the cooling effect of the application should be designed and installed position , only when two or more solid state relays mounted side by side , you should leave appropriate spacing.
  5 , The parallel between the output may not be more than just the use of solid-state relays , in an attempt to increase the output current. However, output can be used in tandem in order to apply a higher operating voltage.
  6, When using more than just a solid state relay when shared control power inputs that can be used in tandem can also be used in parallel .
  7 , Capacitive load caution this piece , please select the capacitive load dedicated solid state relays.




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