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Q141 High-speed RC Car 2.4G Full Scale Rc Desert Off-road Electric Four-wheel Drive 38km/h Children's Toys


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Model No: Q141 ( desert card )
Product Material: hardware; electronics; plastic
Product Size: 32*20.5*14 CM
Remote control size: 13*7.5*21 CM
Color box size ( cm ) : 33.5*19.4*23.7 CM
Body weight: 1100g
Weight of the whole set (g): 1800g
Packing: English handheld open box color box
Color: red / dark gray
Motor: RC390 high-speed carbon brush strong magnetic (magnetic protection + heat sink)
Servo: 5 lines, 17g
ESC/receiver: ESC/receiver - body control (splash-proof)
Body battery: 7.4V 1300mAH lithium-ion battery ( T plug )
Charger: USB cable charger
Remote control distance: ≥80m
Operation time: 12-15 minutes (continuous full speed running)
Wheelbase parameters: wheelbase: 185mm; wheelbase: 172mm.
Wheel diameter: 82mm.
Speed: 38km/h
Remote control battery: 3pcs "AA" (not included)
Frequency: 2.4GHz (support multiple cars in the same field)
Remote control category: full scale synchronous control system (gun control)
Charging time: 2-2.5 hours (USB cable charger)
Differential structure: front and rear nylon gear planetary differential

Protection function:

1. charging;

2. jamming;

3. high temperature;

4. low pressure


Packing List:

 1. the whole car;

2. remote control;

3. product English manual;

4. lithium battery;

5. USB charger;

6. tail fin;

7. head wheel.
8 shock-adjusting buckle;

9. metal pins;

10. small Phillips screwdriver.


1. Adopt the simulation structure design, with the real car control feeling, to achieve
Full proportional stepless speed change, high-speed driving, rapid acceleration, deceleration, braking.
reversing, left turn, right turn.
2、Applicable site: flat, sand, mud, grass.
4、4WD drive: front and rear upright spring damping, double-wishbone independent suspension
3、2 .4G full proportional synchronous remote control system. Full proportional throttle]/steering. 
5、2.4G splash-proof four-way 30A-body ESC/receiver.
6、Front wheel cross ball joint drive shaft, rear wheel split dog bone drive shaft
Drive shaft.
7, five-line 17G servo.
8、Super battery power: 7.4V, 18650-1300mAh Li-ion battery
Battery: 7.4V, 18650-1300mAh Li-ion battery ( T plug ), discharge rate 10C .
9, the whole car with 16 ball bearings.
10、Metal second floor plate, metal front and rear arm code, metal mid-drive shaft.
11、The shell adopts high toughness explosion-proof PVC shell.
12, equipped with LED headlights; (three modes: normal light, slow flash, fast
13, equipped with a head-up wheel.
14, ESC / battery connected plug is used for model-level T plug.
make the current output more stable.
15、The car adopts forward leaning
This makes the car better cushion when the frontal impact
To avoid damage to the wheel parts caused by the strong impact.
16、The remote control steering wheel is equipped with a toggle structure, so that the player can achieve one-handed control, completely freeing the hands to control the
The remote control is equipped with a toggle structure, so that the player can achieve one-handed control, completely freeing the limitations of two-handed control.
17, the use of 3.2-inch off-road wheels, and raised the chassis, to improve the car's
Higher car through the car, so that the car to conquer more different road conditions.
18、The remote control panel adopts the knob type steering fine adjustment knob, speed limit
The speed limit knob is more precise and delicate.
19、The steering angle is bigger, the car driving steering more flexible, pointing to where to play
Where the experience is better.


1 :Charging protection: constant current and constant voltage balanced charging, battery overcharge, over
Protection function for battery overcharge and overcurrent.
2: Motor anti-seize protection: overload work, the motor stops working.
3 :High temperature protection: When the working temperature is higher than the set condition, the drive control circuit stops.
When the working temperature is higher than the set condition, the drive control circuit will stop.