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QWINOUT 1PCS M10S G3 GPS Module with TTL Parameter Adjuster Beidou Galileo Glonas Search Satellite for DJI NAZA LITE V2 Flight Control


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1PCS M10S G3 GPS Module with TTL Parameter Adjuster Beidou Galileo Glonas Search Satellite for DJI NAZA LITE V2 Flight Control




- Item name:GPS module

- Diameter:55mm

- Cable length:270mm

- Suitable for NAZA-M/LITE/V1/ V2 flight control,EIf1/2/2 +,NAZA-H straight aircraft flight control

- Used for DJI drone flight controller




1.The method of use is the same as the original GPS method of DII NAZA.


2.Perfect compatibility with NAZA-M/LITE/V1/ V2 flight control, EIf1/2/2 +,NAZA-H straight aircraft flight control.


3.It adopts U-xxxx/10 generation M10S four- mode module, which supports GPS+ Beidou + Galileo + Glonas four-mode satellite search, fast satellite search, and can search 32

satellites in China.


4.32-bit single chip processing data, performance and stability better than 8-bit single chip. (NAZA flight control also adopts 32 bit single chip microcomputer)


5.Built-in electronic compass with temperature compensation, automatic offset compensation.


6.The bottom adopts a shielded tinfoil metal label, which can effectively reduce the interference of GPS sources below the bottom.


7.The method of calibrating the electronic compass is the same as the original GPS.


Calibration Method:

- Connect the GPS to the flight control, and then toggle the mode transfer switch of the remote control continuously 7-10 times. At this time, the LED light of NAZA is orange and long bright.


- Rotate the aircraft horizontally for 1 turn, then the LED light

is green and long bright. Repeat the above steps if calibration is unsuccessful.


Online Upgrade:

1. Download Viva Firmware update program.


2. Connect the T1P using a USB to TTL cable (the CH340G chip is recommended to use USB to TTL).

Connect the TX from USB to TTL to RX from G3

Connect the RX from USB to TTL to TX from G3


3. Open the downloaded [fkjFirmwareUpdate V2.1.exe], select the corresponding serial port number, and then click to open the serial port.



Update to change satellite search mode:

V7.0 firmware is GPS+ Galileo + Beidou

V7.1 firmware is GPS+ Galileo + Glonass



1.The flight controller will not include.


2.The first thing you do whenyou receive your GPS is to calibrate the electronic compass on the plane,which is very important. The arrow direction at the top of GPS is the direction of the nose, please pay attention when installing.


Package include:

1pcs x GPS module


1pcs x GPS module with TTL

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