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iFlight SucceX 5.8G 48CH 500mW Adjustable VTX Mini Image Transmission 20x20 for FPV Racing Drone Quadcopter DIY Models


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Flash 1 time red light is 25
2 times red light is 100
3 times red light is 200
4 times red light is 400
5 times red light is 500
3 light simultaneous flashes are 0

SucceX mini VTX PIT/25/100/200/400/500mW adjustable detachable image transmission, using a large area of copper to spread the heat more evenly, so that the image transmission can be stably transmitted in a complex environment, the signal is stronger, Farther away. Accurate power, whether you are in the game or practice, can meet your FPV flight needs, with the OSD adjustments used by the flight control, set the frequency directly through the remote control, and abandon the traditional button switching. The MMCX interface used in the picture transmission can directly insert the antenna of the MMCX interface. With the newly developed mini F4 V2, it can be directly used for plugging, and the external definition socket is reserved. For other flight control, it can also be used for welding;

Support standard 48CH

Support OSD tuning, change channels, change power, change flight control parameters,

Variable power from 25mw to 500mw. Use 25mw for the game, then easily switch to 500mw for personal flight.

PIT mode allows you to plug in safely without disturbing other flying aircraft.

Standard 20*20mm hole position

 Channel switching / power switching button:

SucceX mini VTX V2 is set by OSD tuning. If you don't use OSD tuning, you can use the built-in buttons on the image to change the channel.

Output power: 0 mW (pit mode), 25mw, 100mw, 200mw, 400mw, 500mw

Antenna interface: MMCX

Input voltage: 5V

Mounting hole: standard 20*20mm

Weight: 10.8 grams

Size: 24*36mm

BEC: 5V/1A output

Communication protocol: IRC Tramp protocol

This button is only available as an alternate option when OSD tuning is not available.

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds, blue: frequency display, the number of blue light flashes represents 1-8, 1 time = CH1, 2 times = CH2, 3 times = CH3... 8 times = CH8. Press and hold the button for three seconds: the frequency group display, the number of flashes of green light represents A-F, 1=A, 2=B......., 6=F. Press and hold the button for three seconds: the power display, the number of red flashes represents three powers, 1 = 25mW, 2 = 100mW, 3 = 200mW.