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QWinOut 4-Axis Assembled RC Quadcopter Drone : X4M380L Fiberglass Frame + APM2.8 Flight Control + FS-i6 6CH Transmitter + GPS + Battery


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GPS Features:

- Built-in compass GPS module
- Main chip: 6M
- With fast satellite searching speed and high precision
- Compatible with APM serial port and I2C port
- Includes round plastic shell
- Pre-configured, Flashed with the correct settings, and tested
- Super Bright LED,BlackPlane with Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
- Cable included
- With L5883 compass Cable length in 25CM
- Dimensions: 53.5*53.5*15.5
Transmitter Specfications:
Channels: 6
Model type: fixed-wing/glider/helicopter
RF range: 2.405-2.475GHz
Bandwidth: 500KHz
Band: 142
RF power: less than 20dBm
2.4G system: AFHDS 2A and AFHDS
Code type: GFSK
Sensitivity: 1024
Low voltage warning: less than 4.2V
DSC port: PS2; output: PPM
Charger port: no
ANT length: 26mm * 2(dual antenna)
Power: 6V 1.5AA * 4 (Not included)
Display mode: Transflective STN positive type,
128 * 64 dot matrix VA72 * 39mm, white backlight.
Size:174 * 89 * 190mm
Online update: yes
Color: black
Package include:
X4M380L Fiberglass Frame *1
Clockwise Brushless Motor *2
Counter-clockwise Brushless Motor *2
30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller *4
9443 Propeller *2
KK Connection Board *1
APM2.8 Flight Control *1
6M GPS with Compass *1
Male to Male wire cable connector *1
GPS Folding Antenna Mount *1
Flysky FS-i6 6CH Transmitter *1
11.1V 3300Mah 25C Battery *1
B3PRO Charger *1
3.5mm Bullet Connector *12
20cm Hook and & Loop Fastening Tape *1
T Plug Male Connector Silicone Wire *1