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QWinOut DIY FPV Drone Quadcopter 4-axle Aircraft Kit: F450 Frame + PXI PX4 Flight Control + 920KV Motor + GPS + AT9 Transmitter + Props


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Full Set Quadcopter 6-axle Aircraft Kit HJ 450 Multicopter 450F nylon Fiber Frame PXI PX4 Flight Control 920KV Motor GPS AT9 Transmitter 30A ESC 1045 Carbon Fiber Propeller GPS Folding Antenna B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger 11.1V 4400MAH 30C 3S1P battery (assembled)


Package including:
1* HJ 450 Multicopter F450 nylon Fiber Frame Airframe kit Strong Smooth RC KK MK MWC DIY Quadcopter plane
2* 920KV CCW Brushless Motor
2* 920KV CW Brushless Motor
4* 30A Brushless ESC Speed Controller
8* 1045 Carbon Fiber Propellers
1* PIX PXI PX4 Flight Controller
1* 6M GPS with Compass L5883 25cm Cable
1* GPS Folding Antenna Mount Holder Metal
1* Radiolink AT9 2.4GHz 9 Channel Transmitter Radio & Receiver TX &RX
12* 3.5mm Bullet Connector ( banana plug )
1* Hook & Loop Fastening Tape
1* T Plug Male Connector
1* IMAX RC B3 Pro Compact Balance Charger
1* 11.1V 4400MAH 30C 3S1P battery
4* Black 140MM High Landing Gear Skid Wheels Tripod


Newest  2.45 32bit Flight Control Set PIX PXI PX4 Multi-axis Aircraft Fixed-wing Drones APM Upgraded
1. The advanced 32-bit ARM CortexM4 high-performance processors, can run NuttX RTOS real-time operating system;
2.14 PWM / servo output;
3. Bus interface (UART, I2C, SPI, CAN);
4.The integrated backup power and backup controller fails, the primary controller fails over to the backup control is safe;
5. Provide automatic and manual modes;
6. Provide redundant power input and failover;
7. multicolor LED lights;
8. Provide multi-tone buzzer Interface;
9.Micro SD recording flight data;

1.32 2 MB flash STM32F427 Cortex M4, with hardware floating-point processing unit
2. frequency: 168MHZ, 256K RAM
3.32 STM32F103 backup coprocessor

1.L3GD20 3-axis digital gyroscope 16
2.LSM303D 3-axis accelerometer 14 / Magnetometer
3.MPU6000 6-axis accelerometer / magnetometer
4.MS5611 precision barometer

1.5 high voltage compatible UART 1, 2 with hardware flow control
2.2 CAN
3. DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X satellite receiver compatible input
4.Futaba SBUS compatible inputs and outputs
5.PPM Signal Input
6.RSSI (PWM or voltage) Input
9.3.3 and 6.6VADC input
10. External MICRO USB Interface