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QWinOut F330 MultiCopter Frame Airframe Flame Wheel kit White/Red for KK MK MWC 4 axis DIY RC Quadcopter UFO


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F330 MultiCopter Frame Airframe White/Red Support KK MK MWC

FlameWheel F330 is a multi-rotor designed for all pilots for fun or AP. With DJI WKM or NAZA autopilot system, it can achieve hovering, cruising, even rolling and other flight elements. It can be applied for entertainment, aerial photography, FPV and other aeromodelling activities.


- Model Flame Wheel 330 (F330)

- Frame Weight  143g

- Diagonal Wheelbase  330mm

- Takeoff Weight  600g ~ 1200g

- Recommended Propeller 8 × 4.5in (Not included)

- Recommended Battery 3S~4S  LiPo (Not included)

- Recommended Motor 2212 22 × 12mm (Stator size) (Not included)

- Recommended ESC 18A OPTO (Not included)

NOTE:  need to assemble by yourself.