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QWinOut HY3090 Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller CW CCW Props with Paddle Clamp Clip for Hobbywing X8 series for RC Multicopter Drone Agricultural plant protection UAV


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Carbon Fiber Folding Propeller CW CCW 3090 Props Compatible for Hobbywing X8 8120 Power System for Agricultural Drone

Note:The special paddle clip refers to the special clip compatible for Hobbywing motor, and the general paddle clip refers to the clip of other conventional motors on the market.

Brand: QWinOut
Product name: HY3090 plant protection UAV folding paddle
Product model: HY3090
Product color: black
Product material: nylon plastic + carbon fiber
Product weight: 66g / piece
Propeller blade aperture: optional HY8120 motor special propeller clip or other general propeller clip.

Product features: 
Cost-effective blade accessories compatible for Hobbywing X8 power group;
Compatible for Hobbywing 8120 motor or other similar plant protection machine motors;
Compatible for all types of plant protection machines of the same level;
Blade material is high-strength nylon mixed carbon fiber, high strength, price low;
Suitable for maintenance and replacement of various plant protection machines.


Mounting distance of general paddle clamp: