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QWinOut Integrated APM Flight Control Upper Board Highlight LED GPS Light Unlock Light for F450 Quadcopter Drone


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QWinOut Integrated APM Flight Control Upper Board Highlight LED GPS Light Unlock Light for F450 Quadcopter Drone

Weight: 70.9g together with the box
packing list:
F450 dedicated flight control board * 1
MINI OSD line * 1

1. The board has an integrated APM flight control colorful highlight LED lights, especially in the evening flight, the lighting is very beautiful and clear, highlight the GPS light, highlight the unlock light one, the previous APM indicator light is weak, there is Do not know when there is no unlock and lock, GPS has no search star positioning do not know. Improved lighting can be seen within 10 meters clearly.
2. Instead of the previous installed on the board shock plate and fixed plastic fixed flight control complex way, in the past fixed in the upper cover is difficult to reach the level of flight control, flight control did not put horizontal internal gyroscope error data, So the plane will fly sideways unbalanced situation.
3. In the middle of the board we also designed a small black lid made of plastic materials, with a strong hardness, the entire thickness of 1.5MM drop-resistant features that can protect the electronic components inside are not damaged, especially the novice fly When the gray machine blows, it can effectively protect the electronic components inside.
4. ESC signal line directly assigned to each arm can be directly inserted, there are reserved pads can be adjusted directly to the signal power cable ground above the pad will be more solid.
5. Board side with USB transfer interface, directly into the board can be transferred above the reference, the USB port is very solid.
6. There is a board on the receiver to place mini-OSD. Digital. Current meter position. Internal slots can be fixed using cable ties.
7. All APM2.5 2.6 2.8 parts are common with this F450 dedicated flight control board, the board has a standard interpretation sub-instructions interface, in order to facilitate easy to understand.


1 Use ammeter to power To remove JP1 jumper cap, use ESC to plug JP1 jumper cap, jumper cap to be retained.
2 Outdoor flight as far as possible in the open area, unlock before taking GPS to see whether the satellite search location, blue light that has received the star. GPS positioning must take off before, because the flight control is the first time the memory coordinates of the return point. Unlock the red long light means unlock, red light slowly flash means locked. Therefore, when the player lands on the ground, the fly ash machine must be locked before it can be closed. If it is not locked, the remote control aircraft will start to run out of control. The return mode suddenly increases by 15 meters and it is not good to hurt people