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QWinOut LHCXRC CLOUD 160 160mm Wheelbase 4mm Arm Thickness 3.5 Inch DIY Frame Kit Support DJI O3 Air Unit for RC FPV Racing Drone


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Model: CLOUD 160
Wheelbase: 160mm
Top plate thickness: 2mm
Base plate thickness: 2mm
Arm thickness: 4mm
Flight controller installation hole position: 20mm X 20mm /25.5mm x 25.5mm
Flight control installation height: 25mm
Video transmission installation hole position: 20mm X 20mm / 25.5mm x25.5mm
Motor mounting hole distance: 16mm X 16mm / 19mm X19mm
Camera installation size: 20mm X 20mm
Suitable blade size: 3.5 inch propeller blade
Size: 195mm X 158mm X 37mm
Weight: 81g (including 3D printing parts)


- Small size, light weight, good flying feel
- 9mm x9mm and 12mm x 12mm motor holes can be installed
- with camera mounting base, perfect for installing GoPro Hero 8 Naked Camera and INSTA 360 GO 2 cameras
- Specially designed with CNC aluminum alloy heat sink for DJI O3 Air Unit
- The 7075 aluminum alloy CNC side plate can be perfectly adapted to the new high-definition digital image transmission lens of DJI O3 air unit

Recommended configuration (not included)
Brushless Motor: 1804 / 2004
Flight Controller: F411 AIO /F722 AIO
Lipo Battery: 4S 1300mAh
Propeller: 3520

Package List:
1 x upper plate 2.0mm
1 x Front Bottom 2.0mm
1 x Rear base plate 2.0mm
2 x Front Arm 4.0mm
2 x rear arm 4.0mm
4 x Textured aluminum column M2.5x25
12 x round head M2.5x5 screws
4x round head M2.5x8 screws
4x round head M2.5x12 screws
4 x Round Head M2x9 Screws
4 x round head M2x18 screws
4 x M1.6x8 screws (for dji O3 air unit mounting screws)
8 x rivet nuts M2 (already pressed)
2 x CNC Front Aluminum Parts
1 x CNC image transmission heat sink aluminum part
1 x camera vibration reduction 3D print left
1 x camera vibration reduction 3D print right
1 x Video Transmission Antenna Installation 3D Printing
1 x GPS mount 3D print
1 x Receiver T-antenna mount 3D print
1 x 3D print camera mounting base
1 x battery rolling strip
1 x Anti-slip mat for battery
4x Arm EVA Foot Pads
1 x Installation Instructions

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