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QWinOut NB One 32 Bit Flight Controller Built-in 6-Axis Gyro With Altitude Hold Mode for FPV RC Fixed Wing Support Multiple Models Automatic Balance


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QWinOut NB One 32 Bit Flight Controller Built-in 6-Axis Gyro With Altitude Hold Mode for FPV RC Fixed Wing Support Multiple Models Automatic Balance

Flight attention:

First, refer to the instructions, do a good job of installation and commissioning.
Second, repeatedly check the control direction of the gyroscope, and the direction of the joystick control. (Check the working direction of the gyroscope first, then adjust the control direction of the remote control) Ground test. When the remote control is in the fixed height mode, the green light flashes quickly, the throttle is pushed, the motor rotates rapidly, the elevator surface is lifted up, and the elevator is facing down. Can't take off (this step is very important)
Third, when using the flight controller for the first time, or replacing the receiver, GPS module, and other equipment, you must first calibrate the remote joystick position. (In some cases, the motor will rotate, please note) If it is not calibrated, the flight control will not work properly. If the calibration is successful, the aileron will swing a lot, otherwise please check it from the new power-on (the calibration will be difficult to control if the aircraft is not successful)
Fourth, the flight control can balance the ailerons, lifts, and rudder surfaces at the same time.
Fifth, in the fixed height mode, you can take off with one button. (That is to push the throttle to the pole, the plane will take off on the ground and automatically climb to a height of 35 meters)
The characteristics of flight control
Flight Control Installation Instructions
User's first test flight video

Precautions for use
1. Change control and change fine adjustment must be fast and mode switch more than 6 times from recalibration flight control neutral position

2. Please wait for 8 seconds after plugging in, wait until the ESC sounds, otherwise the aircraft self-balancing will not be allowed.

3. Regardless of whether the rudder is used, please make sure that the remote control and the flight control 5 wires are connected, otherwise the flight control will not output any control signals from the remote control!

3-speed switch setting:

1, novice mode
The throttle position is higher than 10% and the automatic take-off locking height is 35M. The flight control takes over the throttle and the lever automatically restores the height. (The real little sister and passers-by can also fly the flight control!)

2, pure manual mode
The flight control does not participate in the work at all, experience the undamped feel! The veteran is no longer annoyed!

3. Auxiliary stabilization mode
The return rod is automatically leveled, and the throttle is manually controlled, so that it can smoothly take off and land!

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