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QWinOut P1-GYRO Fixed Wing Flight Controller Drone 3-axis Gyroscope Balance Wing For FPV Flying Wing RC Airplane


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QWinOut P1-GYRO Fixed Wing Flight Controller Drone 3-axis Gyroscope Balance Wing For FPV Flying Wing RC Airplane

P1-GYRO Product Introduction:
Volume: 26 *39MM 
weight: about 6 g. 
Working voltage: 3.5-6V

P1-GYRO product introduction Based on the A3 three-axis stabilization, the flight control switch control mode and the three-axis lock (AVCS) mode are added. This mode uses the angle vector control algorithm to offset the angle of the aircraft around the three motion axes. Real-time detection and correction, so that the aircraft has the ability and trend to always maintain the attitude of the last moment, so it is called locking, locking compared with the ordinary stabilization mode, the locking mode can not only greatly improve flight stability, and even in the unmanned In the case of manipulation (out of control), it is possible to achieve high-level operations such as autonomous cranes and side flying. The P1-GYRO product introduction adds a switch channel for switching modes during flight. You can use a 3-segment switch between the three modes of normal stabilization, three-axis locking (AVCS) and gyroscope off. Switch and experience a completely different flight fun.
     P1-GYRO product introduction Flight control has no limit on the size of the aircraft's electric oil-powered aircraft wingspan, universal flight controller. Flight line controllers improve aircraft flight performance and aircraft controllability. At the same time, it can offset various external factors that affect the state of the aircraft. For example, an airplane that is easy to stall, or an airplane that is not designed to fly well. There are also wind and airflow, etc., and the flight control can automatically offset these negative factors. The three-axis high-precision gyro on the flight control can quickly and sensitively compensate the rudder surface to counteract the unstable airflow, making the aircraft more stable and straight in flight, and not bumping in a certain degree of wind. But at the same time, the flight control will not offset your control of the aircraft, but will increase your sense of control of the aircraft. Flying control can make you feel the feeling of flying a small electric plane and a big plane!
Please use the instructions for installation and commissioning for the first time.
     Sensitive debugging is recommended to minimize the feeling of the first flight. Press the range of 5 minutes each time to make the flight test adjustment. The factory setting of the flight control board is 50%. Please do not set the factory as the standard. Please refer to your The aircraft and power configuration adjust the appropriate sensitivity.