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QWinOut DIY RC HexaCopter Parts: KK Multicopter V2.3 Hex-Rotor Flight Controller 30A ESC A2212 Motor Battery Propellers for F550


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QWinOut RC HexaCopter Parts: KK Multicopter V2.3 Hex-Rotor Flight Controller 30A ESC A2212 Motor Battery Propellers

Effect pictures (No Frame kit,Transmitter receiver etc. Need purchase separately)

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A2212 1000KV Brushless Outrunner Motor W/ Mount

30A Brushless ESC

11.1V 3300Mah 25C Lipo battery

10" X 4.5 " 1045+1045R Blade Propeller


KKMulticopter V2.3 Circuit board Flight Controller V5.5 Hexa Mode For RC 6-Axis HexaCopter Multi-Copter Aircraft UFO

This is the latest v.5.5 KKmulticontroller that has been factory made and fully populated. It uses the Murata piezoelectric gyros which have been incorporated into the board design for robustness. The Yaw gyro assembly is also slot mounted for extra robustness. These gyros have proven to be the most vibration resistant of all the gyros we have tested so far.
The board comes in black with a blue LED and has an on board In System Programming (ISP) header to enable easy firmware updates with a site recommended programmer. The on board Atmega168 chip gives users the extra space to load expanded firmware with higher refresh rates to enhance stability.
The three adjustable potentiometers increase or decrease gyro gain for all three axis (Roll, Pitch and Yaw) and can be used to calibrate the ESCs and reverse the gyro directions if necessary during pre-flight setup.
The board also has six ESC/Servo headers which allow multicopter configurations from 2 to 6 rotors. There are also headers for thee aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder connections from your RC Receiver(RX). The board comes with a 4 x 3 pin jumper cables to connect your RX to the board quickly and easily.
There's variety of  firmware available   for this controller, you will have load them   due to your needs, only test program is loaded by default.


100% brand new

Latest KKmulticopter controller V5.5 Board,V2.3 program

1. Simple structure, Easy to Maintain and Debug Control

2. Relying on potentiometer adjust gyro sensitivity.

3. Full servo signal output, support normal ESC / analog servo

4. Support for single-axis / UFO, Y3 3-axis, Y4-type 3-axis, 4 axis, 6 axis, V22 flight mode

5. Supports 4-axis "+" and "X" flight mode, support for six-axis "HEXA6" and "Y6" flight mode.


- Brushless Motor A22122 13T *6

- Brushless ESC 30A*6

- KKMulticopter V2.3 Circuit board Flight Controller With AVR USB Programmer* 1

- 11.1V 3300Mah 25C Lipo battery *1

- Propeller 10 ×4.5in * 3-pairs

- Balance Charger + adapter *1

- connecting Plug *1 bag

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