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QWinOut Universal Battery Extended Fixed Strap For DJI Avata Rack Accessories


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Universal Battery Extended Fixed Strap For DJI Avata Rack Accessories

Lightweight 2.3g, all nylon material is sturdy, durable, and not easy to lose without the need to disassemble or replace the battery.

The DJI Avata body battery is fixed using two plastic frame clips. Many pilots have found that the battery is prone to sliding back and falling off during hand held flights or UP main test flights, especially when the basic battery of the aircraft is blown out. At this point, the anti turtle mode has nothing to do with you. For those who are far away, they may even be unable to find the aircraft due to power failure and no return signal, which requires a very stable strap to fix the battery. Whether it's a big or small explosion, eliminate the risk of the battery falling out.

This AVATA battery reinforcement strap is designed according to the length of its battery outer ring, 100% made of nylon material, with super strong adhesive screw threads for fixation, without elasticity. It uses the frame fixing column in front of the battery body to secure the battery. The first time the battery is installed, the fixing strap is tightened, the screw threads are fastened, and the battery is replaced later without any disassembly of this strap. As long as the battery is gently slid upwards, it can be removed and replaced, After the battery is installed, gently press down to secure the battery, making it easy to use and not easy to lose, making it very convenient.