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QX-MOTOR QF2611 3300 4000KV 4600KV 5000KV Brushless Motor CW CCW 3-4S 50mm 12 Paddle EDF Ducted Fan for FMS RC Plane Helicopter


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QX-MOTOR QF2611 3300KV 4000KV 4600KV 5000KV Brushless Motor CW CCW 3-4S 50mm 12 Paddle EDF Ducted Fan for FMS RC Plane Helicopter

The QX-MOTOR ducting set series focuses on the high-tech and research and development of the ducted power system to produce more efficient and reliable innovative products.
This upgraded 50MM EDF 12 paddle design has CW and CCW.
With the QF2611 high-performance brushless motor, it is powerful. Efficient. Low temperature.
Suitable for modification of ducted machines around 800G.
It is the innovative choice of the majority of model friends.

Brand Name: QX-MOTOR
Item Name: 50mm 12 blades Ducted Fan QF2611 Brushless Motor
Motor: 3300KV/4000KV/4600KV/5000KV CW CCW Optional
Usage: Suitable for RC Airplane
Model Model: QF2611 Series
Configuration: 9N6P
Shaft Diameter: 3.0mm
Motor Diameter: 25.8mm
Weight: 76g
No. of Cells: 3-4S Lipo
Max continuous power: 550w
Max continuous current: 45A

-  All composite materials processing and injection molding processing, light weight, has ultra high rigidity and toughness.
- First-class mold design,ensure the blades perfect dynamic balance,the balde cooperates the duct in place,sound effect and efficiency value are comparable to all metal duct on the market.
- FMS pioneering thermal design,in does not affect the efficiency of the case,ensure the motor's normal working,no need to worry that the motor heating will affect the life and performance.
- Reasonable structure design,you can arbitrarily choose different manufacturers motor,this item can e assembled to all the 90 ducted airplane,no need to make too much manual changes to the aircraft.
Some ducted inner tube wall may have test scratches,it will not affect the overall performance,and the ducted mounted inside the aircraft, it had no effect on the appearance. We don't accept the returns or negative review due to the scratches.

Package Included:
1 OR 4 X QF2611 Series 50mm 12 Ducted Fan EDF Brushless Motor