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Radiolink AT9S PRO 2.4G 12 CH Remote control RC Transmitter with R9DS Receiver For FPV DIY RC Drone Quadcopter Airplane


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Radiolink AT9S PRO 2.4G 12 CH Remote control RC Transmitter with R9DS Receiver For FPV DIY RC Drone Quadcopter Airplane

Radiolink is a high technology manufacturing company dedicated to researching, manufacturing and marketing of RC model radio transmitters. Our products included: RC transmitter, flight controller, receiver, GPS, drone etc. We are committed to providing customers with a high reliability and high performance product solution, as well as providing technical support and friendly after-sales service.

Please Note: Each color name has two AT9S Pro mode: right or left throttle

AT9S PRO Features:
AT9S PRO Features:
【DSSS & FHSS Hybrid Dual Spread Spectrum Technology】
16-channel pseudo-random frequency modulation, true FHSS and DSSS hybrid dual spread spectrum, perfect combination of time-interference and anti-interference, stable control under complex urban environment, and realizing the leap that can be controlled in urban areas The stable remote control distance is 3400 meters in the air.
【SBUS, PPM, PWM or CRSF signal output】
AT9S Pro supports SBUS & PPM & PWM signal output under the standard DSSS & FHSS hybrid dual-spread spectrum protocol, and supports R12DS, R12DSM, R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM receiver. With CRSF protocol, TBS Crossfire TX is needed to bind to BLACKSHEEP receiver.
【High Configuration】
The main control MCU is STM32F103VET6 (36-bit ARM 72MH main frequency, 512K Flash capacity, 12-bit ADC). The wireless chip adopts American TI CC2533, QPSK DSSS communication IC.
【Full function full model】
Twelve-channel full-function full-model system, supporting all models on the market such as helicopters, fixed-wings, gliders, multi-rotors, cars, boats, robots, mechs, etc.Transmitter automatically switches layout depending on selected mode.
【Multi-language menu】
AT9S supports Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Korean etc.
【Simple Setting Humanized】
Menu is designed applicable to both beginners and skilled person, only need takes 1 second to bind.ATR9S Pro uses a navigation reminder menu. When you need to change the settings, a prompt will be displayed on the screen to guide you to the next step, so that players can easily set up and operate even without reading the manual!
【Support MINI dual antenna receiver】
R12DSM, 30 * 15mm ultra mini volume, 2.5 extremely light weight, let your aircraft no longer carry heavy loads; support 12-channel output, detachable antenna, 4000 meters long-distance control, the best partner for the aircraft!
【Excellent Anti-interference】
The rc transmitter with DSSS&FHSS working synchronously to keep the excellent anti-interference performance.
【Real-time Information】
When with flight module PRM-03,model voltage, speed, climb, throttle, longitude, latitude, altitude, GPS, RSSI, flight mode, yaw, roll, pitch and distance are displayed. on the LCD screen display.
USB Based Upgrades: Transmitter is easily updated with the latest firmware by USB cable to connect PC.
【Combining with Ledi wireless coach line to easily achieve flight formation】
AT9S Pro is connected to the Ledi wireless data cable through the simulator interface on the back, which can control more than two aircrafts to work at the same time, and easily achieve formation flight.
【Voltage Protection System】
Using universal JST battery interface, 7.4V-18V wide voltage input! RadioLink’s voltage protection software ensures vital components are protected from a reverse polarity connection.Supports 8 AA batteries or 2s-4s lithium batteries for power supply. At the same time, through circuit design, anti-reverse insertion is truly realized. There is no current when the battery is reverse inserted. No matter how long the reverse insertion is, there is no need to worry about burning the remote control. AT9S Pro supports up to 3S lithium battery when external crossfire module is connected
【Green low-power dissipation,Support for Universal Battery】
AT9S PRO uses high-efficiency switching power supply to achieve green and low power consumption. The power supply current is as low as 90mA, which is one-half or even one-third the current of similar products. JST connector supports multiple type batteries: 8 pcs AA or 2s-4s LiPo battery. (Not included batteries).A 1800mAh 3S lithium battery customer can use it continuously for 12 hours! Through the optimal PCB layout design, the interference of the switching power supply to the signal is effectively reduced, and the output stability of the servo reaches 0.5us.


Item Name: AT9S Pro Transmitter and R9DS Receiver
Operating Voltage:7.4~18.0V;
Transmission Power:DSSS FHSS<100mW (20dbm)CRSF 10mW/25mW/100mW/500mW/1W/2W (Optional)
Package Weight: 880g
Control Distance: 3400m on air
Channel: 12CH
Frequencies Band:2.4Ghz ISM band (2400MHz-2483.5MHz);
Brand Name: Radiolink;
Spread Spectrum Mode: DSSS FHSS/CRSF;
Working Current: 40-180mA (input voltage
Compatible Receivers: 12ch-r12dsm, r12ds ;10ch-r9ds (STD), r6ds, r6dsm . 
Channel Qty:12 (CH5 can be programmed)
Operating Current: DSSS FHSS<90mA@12V CRSF  Depends on the transmission power selected
Signal: SBUS/PPM
Control range:DSSS FHSS-4KM in the air (Maximum range is tested in an unobstructed area free of interference) CRSF-Depends on the RX and TX from BLACKSHEEP
Mode: Mode1/Mode2
Adaptable Models:Rotary Wing, Fixed wing, Multicopter, Car, Boat, Robot
Display:2.8-inch 16-bit true color screen, resolution 240 * 320 pixels
Color: Gold, Silver
The product weight:880g
Simulator Mode:Can set this mode,the transmitters RF circuit turns off to save battery power
Modulation Mode:QPSK
AT9S Pro Size: 183*100*193mm
R9DS Size: 41*23*14mm

Packing list:

1 x AT9S Pro Mode2 Transmitter
1 x R9DS Receiver
1 x Lanyard
1 x Cable (connect to the TBS Crossfire TX)
1 x Throttle-Stick Spring Retainer
1 x Box