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SKYRC SK-500023 GPS + GLONASS Performance Analyzer GSM020 with LED indicator to analyze RC car airplane’s performance


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Built-in 1M Memory
Visual LED indicator
Peace of mind with built-in battery
Improved accuracy by tracking two satellite constellations
Case Size: 40 x 39 x 16mm Weight: 38g

Knowledge is power! By knowing the facts before and after modifications, your efforts will not be in vain. GNSS Performance Meter will help you make sense of the improvements and help you make educated decisions to make sure you’re not spinning your wheels. 

For everyone trying to gauge their performance, here's an affordable way to do just that. Just got some new mods installed? Get some real feedback, really quickly. 

This is a professional-grade instrument accessible to enthusiasts. It’s every modeler’s dream. Enjoy!

 Improved accuracy by tracking two satellite constellations The GNSS Performance Analyzer supports GNSS(Global Navigation Satellite System) with GPS and GLONASS system that means more satellites are orbiting the earth. 

The advantage of this many satellites will definitely improve positional accuracy by tracking two satellite constellations instead of just GPS. 

Small but Versatile GNSS Performance Analyzer(GSM020) allows you to measure and analyze many aspects of your RC car & airplane’s performance using the latest GNSS engine (GPS, GLONASS) which gives you Acceleration, G-force, Speed, Time, Distance, High and Vertical Velocity. 

With its compact dimension of 40mm x 40mm x 17mm and internal antenna, it is an ideal choice for mounting on RC vehicles & airplanes. 

Case Size: 40 x 39 x 16mm 
Weight: 38g 

Peace of mind with built-in liPo battery The 5 hours' up-time on the built-in rechargeable LiPo battery can give enough racing time to RC drivers or pilots in the field! 

With the micro USB charging port, it is very convenient to connect it to a USB port or another compatible USB power source for charging. The GNSS PA App software automatically charts slope on as time elapses. Saved runs can be read by the App, allowing analyzing of average speed, maximum speed, and acceleration within the given time and defined distance. 

You can also define your own performance windows for measuring braking time, acceleration (e.g., 0-30 km/h, 10-50 km/h, 10 meters or an

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