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STEAM-RC 4725 520KV 4025 1100KV Gold Fourth Generation Brushless Motor 1.4mm 1.2mm Wire Diameter D4725 MD4025


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4725-520KV/Gold 4th generation brushless motor is suitable for Steam Dancer 700 helicopter, using 6061T6 aluminum alloy high-precision CNC machining. The unique design of three large-size bearings, 180 degrees of high-quality NdFeB strong magnetism, and built-in high-efficiency active heat sink bring ultra-low temperature and effectively improve energy conversion efficiency.


The fourth generation of golden brushless motor adopts 1.4mm single-stranded thick copper wire, 7T+6T YY precision winding method, pure manual high slot full rate winding, strong power, but the vibration value is extremely small, can stand on the plane coin, specially designed for 700 class competition helicopters standard power motor.



Stator diameter 47 mm

Stator thickness 25 mm

Stator arm 12

Stator pole 10

Number of motor windings 6+6T+6T+5T delta

Motor red line 1-Strand 1.4 mm

Motor KV value 520KV

No-load current (Io/10V) 2.1A

Motor resistance (RM) 0.0132 ohms

Maximum continuous current 120 A

Maximum continuous power 4800 watts

Weight 500 grams

Outer diameter 58.5 mm

Shaft diameter 5.98 mm

Body length 57 mm

Total shaft length 110 mm

Maximum support is 12s

Maximum peak current 238A (2 seconds)

Maximum peak power 10800 watts (2 seconds)

Motor power 5° ~ 15°

Drive frequency 5kHz or 8kHz


Packaging List:

4725-520KV brushless motor/wire diameter 1.4mm×1

M4× 4 Allen screws in the 7.5mm cup head×

Φ7.0 gold-plated banana male ×3

Φ7.0 gold-plated banana female× 3


SPECIALLY CUSTOMIZED MOTOR SHAFT DIAMETER OF 5MM FOR THE MYO 550 HELICOPTER. The new 4025-1100KV is a process improvement, upgraded 1.2 double strand, large torque, more power saving.

The new batch is available in 25 and 30 holes. (30mm=M4 / 25mm=M3)



Stator diameter Stator Diameter 40 mm

Stator Thickness 25 mm

Stator arm No. of Stator Arms12

Stator poles Magnet Poles10

Number of motor windings Motor Wind4+3 Turn Delta

Motor Wire2-Strand 1.2 mm

Motor KV value Motor Kv1100KV RPM/Volt

No-Load Current (IO/10v) 4.19 Amps

Motor Resistance (RM) 0.006 Ohms

Max Continuous Current Max Continuous Current100 Amp

Max Continuous Power2400 Watt

Weight Weight350 Grams

Outside diameter 50.8 mm

Shaft diameter Shaft Diameter 5 mm

Body length Body length 54.5 mm

Overall shaft length 90 mm

Maximum support for Max Lipo Cell6s

Peak Continuous Current130 Amps (5 seconds)

Peak Continuous Power2920 Watts (5 seconds)

Motor Timing5deg~12deg

Drive frequency Drive Frequency 8kHz~32kHz