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Sunnylife PVC Waterproof Sticker for Fimi X8 SE Drone Body Shell Protection Skin Quadcopter Camera Drone Accessories Decals


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Sunnylife PVC sticker for xiaomi FIMI X8 SE



Imported removable PVC stickers, repeated paste without leaving glue;

Waterproof and scratch resistant, protect the body;

With air guide groove, it is convenient to handle air bubbles, easy to tear and easy to stick without leaving glue;

Precise cutting, precise fit and no warping.


Precautions for use:

1. First clean the fuselage with the supplied foil accessory kit. Do not have moisture and dust on the surface.

Then select the corresponding position of each sticker according to the sticker and the body.

Tear off and stick it in the corresponding position. Can be peeled off and repeated.

2. If there is a lifting part on the edge, please press it by hand and heat it with a hot hair dryer, compact it until it fits completely.