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4pcs Tarot 4006 620KV Brushless Motor TL68P02 for Multicopters DIY RC Aircraft Drone Tarot FY680 Pro Spare Parts


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Tarot 4006 620KV Multiaxial Brushless Motor TL68P02 for Multi-axle Copters Multicopters DIY RC Drone Tarot FY680 Pro

2 options( 4pcs / 6pcs), please choose the one you want.

Product description :

4006/620KV efficient multi-axle brushless motor designed for four-and six-axle multi-rotor design , using high-precision CNC machining full production, the table looks flat and smooth trace, excellent balance . The new design of efficient turbofan cover, provides powerful airflow , high magnetic NdFeB rotor refined stator pressure reinforced with high-strength epoxy protective heat , 22P High Flux external rotor motor through a special balance correction , improved motor vibration problems common external rotation caused by poor balance , high-speed alloy steel motor shaft . Upper and lower lid with large size motor speed precision bearings with low friction torque , low power consumption , impact resistance, the instant high-speed radial support and other advantages. 4006/KV620 new generation brushless motor has passed rigorous dynamic, static, magnetic properties, magnetic temperature demagnetization loss , motion vibration , noise, load performance engineering technology demonstration. Continuation inherited TAROT brushless motor : long life, high efficiency, low power consumption , low noise, superior control and stability characteristics .

Product parameters :
Peripheral motor diameter : 46MM
Stator diameter : 40.6M
Stator Thickness : 6MM
Stator : 24 slots
Motor Poles : 22P
Diameter : 0.23MM
Gear shaft mounting diameter : 4MM
Motor height : 22.0MM
Motor shaft Full length : 30.50MM
Per volt Speed: 620 RPM / Volt
Motor Weight : 82G
Motor resistance : 126 mΩ
14.8V No Load Current : 0.8A
14.8 Load Current : 14A
4006 brushless motor installation specifications : 27.7MM equilateral triangle
Propeller installation specifications : the main hole diameter 4mm, 3mm diameter side hole center distance 12mm

Specifications for 1pc motor:
4006/620KV brushless motor 82G × 1
M3 × 6MM cup head screws × 3
M3 × 8MM round head screws × 2
Metal rotor mounting piece 2.5G × 1

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