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Tarot 650 TL65B01 Carbon Fiber 4 Axis Aircraft Fully Folding FPV Drone UAV Quadcopter Frame Kit for DIY Aircraft Helicopter


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Tarot Iron Man 650 Rack Adopts Toray 3K Carbon Fiber Cloth Woven Carbon Fiber Board 
With 3K Hollow Twill Pure Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Tube CNC Machining 
Full Folding Design,Installation Designed For Users With High Portability Requirements 
The User Can Flexibly According To The Weight Of The Loaded Photographic Equipment Adjust The Center Of Gravity 
The Full Set Of Rack Weighs Only 476 Grams 
Tarot Iron Man 650 Rack Supporting Optional Products: 
650 Carbon Fiber Four-Axis Up And Down Cover TL65B04 
For 22MM TL65B05 of M2.5H5 Hexagonal aluminum column 
Dia 10MM 3K plain carbon tube (200MM) TL65B06 
The M16 Flight Seat Motor Mount / Orange TL68B08 
Dia 16MM 3K Pattern Matte Pure Carbon Tube TL6809-2 
The M10 metal silicone damping seat TL68B10 
16MM Carbon Tube Folding The Positioning Seat Plastic Components TL68B04 
Four-Axis, Six-Axis, DIY Skid Landing TL8201 
Dia 16MM Carbon Fiber GPS Holder TL68B13