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Tarot Power Distribution Management Moder 12S 480A High Current Distribution Board TL2996 for Large-scale Airplanes AFT


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Tarot Power Distribution Management Module 12S 480A High Current Distribution Board TL2996 for Professional Quadcopter Agricultural Drone

Product manual:
    The power distribution management module is suitable for large-scale unmanned aerial vehicles such as plant protection machines. Support four-axis / six-axis two UAV installation, support 12S power supply, the total current reaches 480A. The main power cord recommended welding AS150 spark plug and XT150 plug cross with the use (optional), to prevent mistaken insertion.
   Attention to the installation of arrows forward and UAV consistent, according to different models according to the logo wiring. The overall set of two 6SXT60 device power and two 12SXT60 device power (Note: here 12SXT60 reserved power can not be used as electric power supply interface, you can support support 12S voltage equipment)
    (Note: power distribution management module 12A power supply is composed of two 6S battery in series, so the need for two batteries plug in order to provide power supply.If only 6S power supply, only the left side of the red positive and right black negative, the middle Two red and black lines are short - circuit in series, do not have access.
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Product parameters:
Plant protection power distribution management module × 1 (130 × 130 × 27MM) 227G

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