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TAROT-RC CNC Aluminum Combined Shock Absorber Kit Tarot TL2995 for DIY FPV Hexacopter Aircraft Spare Parts


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TAROT-RC CNC Combined Shock Absorber / Gimbal Damping Set Tarot TL2995 for DIY FPV Multicopter Drone

product manual:
(N / mm2) >=205 and the positioning function of the shock ball to achieve the best damping shock effect, become the real effect of the damping and damping effect of the steel wire. The water ripples nemesis. Used in high-end UAV, car, shipborne photographic equipment and high-power high-definition zoom PTZ damping.
Using 1570N / mm low stress and high toughness Baosteel steel wire, in a multi-strand low twist way twist into a spiral steel wire bundle, made of cage shape. Suspension ball with imported rubber material, ultra-thin hollow smooth hole. The inner cavity of the sphere is filled with a damping liquid, which utilizes the viscous damping characteristics of the liquid so that the shock energy of the momentary shock is dissipated as much as possible in the damping layer. With the slow elasticity of the material to consume high-frequency vibration energy.
    Installation board with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy super-hard aluminum alloy material, high-precision multi-axis CNC machining, the bottom of the screw hole overhead design, side hole rounded round, to avoid grinding line. It is recommended to use squeeze type to pull the structure to install more effectively, the installation hole 18MMMM. Single mount recommendations 250-300 grams
Note: It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the ball, causing damping liquid leakage, the installation of the use of pull-up, the use of pull down. Need to replace the ball regularly to avoid failure.
Related parts number:
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Combined shock absorber / damping type TL2995
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Product Specifications:
Combined shock absorber 7.0G x 1


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