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QWinOut-Rc K8-01 Three-Axle Gyroscope Metal Case/Upgrade Metal Shell For NEO VBar For Kbar/K83 Axle Gyroscope /Rc Helicopter


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QWinOut Aluminium Case for NEO VBar 3-axis Gyroscope Upgrade K8-02 High Quality DIY RC Airplane FPV

 Product Description:


 The upgraded metal protective casing specially adapted for the VBar NEO gyroscope from Tarot can effectively protect the safety of the use of the gyroscope.

 Baffle selection method:

 Metal baffle/plane: for the first generation NEO installation, the gyroscope motherboard does not have an antenna connector;

 Metal baffle/with antenna hole: for 2nd generation NEO installation, gyroscope motherboard with antenna connector


Packaged Include

 For VBar NEO metal case cover (4.32g) ×1

  ForVBar NEO metal case lower cover (5.7g) ×1

 Metal Baffle/Flat (0.1g) ×1

 Metal baffle/with antenna hole (0.14g) ×1

 Fla head screw(M2*4mm)(0.07g) ×3




Tarot For KBAR Upgrade Metal Shell K8-01 for KBAR K8 3-Axis Gyro


Upgraded metal case for Kbar/K8 three-axis gyroscope.


Packaged Include :

K8 gyroscope metal shell cover × 1

K8 gyroscope metal shell lower cover × 1

Insulation pad × 1

Sponge pad (need to be cut by yourself) × 1

Torx screw (M1.5*5mm)×4




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