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Tarot-RC 7 Inch Carbon Fiber Frame MARK4-7 TL1600 H Type 295mm Wheelbase FPV Drone Frame Kit Racing Drone Parts


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Product Description:

Tarot's new race-grade 7-inch Frame, made of high-quality 3K twill carbon fiber plates, is durable, and has a beautiful exterior design, making it the ideal frame for FPV racing.


1. The H-frame structure design shortens the length of the arm, reduces the weight and increases the strength of the arm;

2. Large central plate installation space, arm installation can be selected to the bottom, more installation space can be obtained;

3. The mounting position size adjustment standard of the front-end FPV lens is 19mm*19mm;

4. The mid-end tower mounting position and the rear-end image transmission mounting position reserve 30.5mm*30.5mm and 20mm*20mm mounting holes to provide more options;

5. Standard shock-absorbing silicone, which can reduce the pressure of vibration on the flight controller to a greater extent, so as to achieve a smooth flight.


Rack type: H-type

Maximum support propeller: 7inch

Wheelbase: 295mm

Size: 193mm*223mm

Weight: 121g

Base plate thickness: 2.5mm

Top plate thickness: 2.5mm

Arm thickness: 5mm

Camera mounting spacing: 19mm

Video transmission mounting hole spacing: compatible with 30.5mm/20mm

Flight controller mounting hole distance: compatible with 30.5mm/20mm

Flight controller: RF/KISS/F3/F4/F7

Package Listing:

Upper rack top plate (2.5mm) ×1

Lower Rack Base Plate (2.5mm) ×1

Arm (5mm) ×4

FPV Lens Fixed Side Plate (2.5mm) ×2

Front protective frame plate (2mm) ×1

Rear protective frame plate (2mm) ×1

Arm splint (2mm) ×2

Battery anti-slip mat ×1

Reticulated aluminum column M3*25 ×4

Reticulated aluminum column M3*18 ×4

Fly Tower Shock Absorbing Silicone ×8

Image transmission shock absorbing silicone ×4

Shock-absorbing sponge tripod ×4

Battery Velcro Strap ×1

Nylon cable ties ×10

Heat Shrink Tubing ×1

Half round head screw(M3*20mm) ×4

Half round head screw(M3*14mm) ×4

Half round head screw(M3*12mm) ×8

Half round head screw(M2*4mm) ×2

Flat head screw(M3*10mm) ×4

Grub head screw(M3*8mm) ×8

Metal nut M3 ×4

Nylon nut M3 ×8



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