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Tarot-RC TL100D21 1865 18-Inch High-Efficiency Folding Propeller With Clip TL100D20 CW CCW Propellers for Muitirotor Quadcopter


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Product Description:

 Tarot's latest 1865 folding paddle holder is made of 6061T6 aluminum alloy and fully CNC machined. It is suitable for various motors with a symmetrical screw hole center distance of 12mm. The metal folding paddle holder has the advantages of easy portability and higher efficiency. Among them, 1555 folding The positive and negative propellers use the molds made by the Swiss MIKRON five-axis machining center, matched with high-strength engineering materials, to design an optimized airfoil structure, which ensures good flexibility and stability, and can achieve more than 10% efficiency improvement and more energy. It is suitable for multi-axis multi-rotor UAV aircraft such as four-axis, six-axis and eight-axis.

 Product parameters:

Total blade length: 210mm

 Lngth from mounting hole to tail: 199mm

 Mounting hole diameter: 3mm

 Root thickness: 5mm

Single weight: 28.5g

Product parameters:

Folding paddle clip total length: 456mm

 Weight: 67/pair

 Total length of single blade: 210mm

 Blde mounting hole diameter: 3mm

 Root thickness: 5mm

 Weight of a single blade: 28.5g

 The diameter of the center hole of the metal paddle clamp: 3.0mm

 Metal propeller clip mount thickness: 3.95mm

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 Tarot paddle holder/metal folding paddle holder/black TL100B15

 Tarot paddle holder/metal folding paddle holder/red TL100B16

 Tarot propeller/18-inch high-efficiency folding forward and reverse propeller set/1865 TL100D20

 Martin propeller/18 inch folding carbon fiber positive and negative propeller set/1865/4 pieces TL3028


 Product Specifications:

 Metal folding paddle clip upper seat(3.0g)(61×12×3mm)×2

 Metal folding paddle clip lower seat(4.8g)(61×18×5mm)×2

 1865 Folding Positive Paddle/Single (28.5g)(210mm) ×2

 1865 folding reverse propeller/single (28.5g)(210mm) ×2

 Teflon gasket (M3×8×0.5)(0.05g)×8

 Bushing screw(0.6g)(M3×11.3mm)×4

Dome head screw(0.4g)(M3×8mm)×4

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