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QWinOut Water-cooled Two-way Forward / Backward ESC 40A 50A 60A 80A With UBEC For Vehicles Boat Car Wind-driven Underwater Thruster


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Water-cooled heat sink interface diameter: 4.8MM

Water-cooled bidirectional 40A 2-6S UBEC 3A 5V

Water-cooled bidirectional 50A 2-6S UBEC 5A 5V

Water-cooled bidirectional 60A 2-6S UBEC 5A 5V

Water-cooled bidirectional 80A 2-6S UBEC 5A 5V

The update version:

it has the function of remote control of the water pump

The matching remote control switch has an electromagnetic shielding function, which can effectively shield the receiver from the sparks caused by the carbon brush of the pump. And the water pump battery can be shared with the ESC battery, but the receiver is not affected.

The standard version:

it is recommended that the water pump battery and ESC battery be powered separately.

Special attention: the working voltage of the pump is 6-12.6V. For voltage regulator module


this item Belong to the player DIY products,and especially suitable for long time work of ESC.

This product adopts imported components and is fully tested for power.

It can be used in many fields, such as vehicles, boats, underwater propellers, wind-driven ships, etc.

Bidirectional 1: 1 power output, without brake, directly reverse, corresponding speed is fast, control linearity is good.

No need to calibrate the throttle stroke, plug and play.

This ESC includes UBEC output.



1. When using this product, the remote throttle stick must be in the middle position, otherwise the ESC will not start.

2. This product does not need to calibrate the throttle stroke. After the ESC starts, if the motor starts to rotate, you can use the remote control throttle fine adjustment to stop the motor.

3. This product is not welded at the factory, please contact customer service if necessary.