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Waterproof H113 RC Toys 3in1 Mini Tumbling Drone Remote Control Boat Drone For Children Car Plane Water, Land and Air Toy


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Product size: 14.2 * 11 * 5CM

Color box specification: 18.5 * 14 * 8.5CM

Product with color box weight: 225g

Body battery: 3.7V (600mAh) modular

Remote control battery: 2 * 1.55A 5 # (to be purchased separately)

Charging time: About 2 hours

Usage time: approximately 6 minutes

Charging connector: USB

Remote control frequency: 2.4G

Remote control distance: 30 meters in the air, 20-30 meters on land, and 10 meters on the water surface

Color: Red, Blue

Color box: Sealed box



1. Air mode: Up/Down/Left Turn/Right Turn/Forward/Backward/Left Fly/Right Fly/Large/Small rudder amount (fast/slow gear)/360 ° flip

2. Water mode: taxi forward, roll left and right, take off on water

3. Ground mode: taxi forward, drift left turn right turn




When the aircraft sinks to a certain depth and the signal weakens, it will automatically float up, maintaining the optimal connection with the remote control!